10 Kickass Gawky Ladies

I was a gawky girl growing up. Hitting 5’6″ in 4th grade, still with a mouth full of baby teeth made for an extra long awkward phase. Now, at 6-feet-tall, I’ve embraced my stature. But I’m glad I lived through my long journey to the top (pun intended) because it made me never take myself too seriously. Not to mention, I developed a very thick skin. While some may view the word “gawky” in a negative light, I see it as a compliment. Gawky ladies are unique. They march to their own drummer. Sure, they may trip over their own giant feet while marching to said drummer, but they do it with flair! Click through to see some of my all time favorite gawky lady role models.

Margot Leitman is a comedian and writer based in Los Angeles. Her first book,“Gawky…Tales of an Extra Long Awkward Phase” is now available wherever books are sold. You can follow her on Twitter