Makeup Bag: 8 Beauty Products That Remind Us Of Mom

Why would you care about the beauty products your mom uses? Because look at your mom! She looks great! She must be doing something right. We’ve picked some of the beauty products our moms — and probably yours — use. Take a look and go slap some of that cold cream on. 

  1. Essie Nail Polish in Angora Cardi: Megan’s mom wears this all the time and her and her sisters call the color “mom hands” now. [$8]
  2. Ponds Cold Cream:  Whatever happened to cold cream? Do people still use it? Or just our moms. In any case, this seems like a product worth trying again? [$3.59]
  3. Clinique Happy Perfume: A light, floral mom-friendly scent. [$18]
  4. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mud Mask: A minty-fresh mud mask to clear all your pores, and so much more affordable than getting a facial at the spa or whatever. [$4.71]
  5. Dove Beauty Bar: One quarter moisturizing cream. One quarter! This is the soap that makes you think of soap, right? It’s the ultimate soap. [$9.59]
  6. Clinique Red Lipstick: Classic red! [$15]
  7. Oil of Olay: Awesome anti-aging mom moisturizer. [$18.39]
  8. Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue in Mocha Shimmer: Ah yes, brown lipstick. A mom favorite! [$20]

What beauty product always makes you think of your mom? Tell us in the comments!