7 Animal Mommies And Babies!

Is there anything sweeter than animal moms snuggling their babies? Even if you and your mom don’t have the most Hallmark of relationships, your heart melts into a big mushy puddle when you see a mommy dog/goat/wildebeest/whatever giving her newborn babe a bath with her tongue. Yeah, her own tongue. The animal kingdom is intense.

In honor of Mother’s Day, here are our favorite videos of animal moms and babies — obviously baby panda and her mommy are first. Very important disclaimer: we have no liability if your ovaries explode! I might be figuring out how I can get pregnant with a baby koala …

This koala baby and her mama are noshing eucalyptus leaves, as koalas love to do.

“Aww, Mom! Stop giving me a bath! I wanna go play!”

Harp seal mommies have an important job: teaching their babies how to work that blubbery body across the ice!

Polar bear cubs sound like they might be annoying to listen to, but damn if they’re not perfectly fuzzy.

Sometimes cat mommies, just like human mommies, just can’t take their children’s bullshit anymore.

What could be cuter than a baby gorilla playfighting with his mom?

Happy Mother’s Day to you and your mom! It’s a good day to be grateful she doesn’t fling her poop at you.