Today In Florida: Beaver Tacos Are OK, Lion Tacos Are Not

Really now, what would you do with yourself if I wasn’t around to tell you about the goings on in my favorite state, Florida? You’d be lost, I know. Yesterday, I told you about a woman who cut her boyfriend for cutting the cheese. Today, the big Florida news involves exotic meat tacos.

At Tampa’s Taco Fusion restaurant, you can enjoy a beaver, camel, otter or even lion taco for $35 a piece — the price of 11 regular tacos.

I’m sure you’re wondering what the issue is. That you spend an entire paycheck trying to get full? Yes, that’s a problem. But an even bigger problem is that lions are being reviewed for the endangered species list, which has some customers concerned that it’s unethical and possibly illegal to serve the lion tacos.

“I really don’t like that at all,” said McKenzie Bremer, who opposed the restaurant’s decision to serve lion meat.

The restaurant’s manager, Brad Barnett, claims that the lion meat comes from a vendor who raises the creatures strictly for consumption adding, “If you don’t like it, don’t eat it.”

I contacted a taco enthusiast friend of mine to tell him about the story and see what he thought about lion meat tacos, because I usually only eat fish,chicken or vegetarian tacos.

“I think I’ve had a beaver taco before,” he said.

It took me a minute to get the joke because sometimes jokes don’t translate that well over IM. And also, sometimes I’m a ditz.

Then he added, “Actually, I haven’t had a beaver taco because according to the Urban Dictionary, it’s slang for lesbian vagina.”

He has yet to tell me whether he’d eat a lion taco, however. [CNN]