“My Crazy Obsession” Finally Managed To Freak Me Out With A Crazy Troll Lady

“My wife’s routine starts first thing in the morning when she wakes up, scrolling online looking for trolls,” say the husband of Michelle Kerrins, featured on the latest episode of “My Crazy Obsession.”

You might think that he’s referring to internet trolls, which are easily found online. Oh no. He’s talking about troll dolls, the kind most of us had in middle school, but then realized were creepy and promptly threw away. Those things stare into your soul, I swear.

Michelle, a gymnastics instructor in Los Angeles who sometimes tumbles with a troll mask on (it’s truly a sight to behold), has more than 3,000 trolls in her collection, which she makes her poor, teenage daughter photograph so she can catalogue them. She’s also fond of dressing up in a troll bikini, putting a troll mask on and trying to seduce her husband. He’s not into it.

What made me feel most uncomfortable was how far Michelle took her crazy obsession. She took it, well, to the point of seriously crazy. Michelle refers to her trolls as if they are living beings:

“The trolls like to live everywhere..They like to see me and know that I’m there …The trolls make me really happy when I’m sad. I see all their eyeballs It makes me happy to know that they’re all here and that they’re all looking at me and that they need me to take care of them.”

These words activated a deep fear that’s been dormant in me since I read The Velveteen Rabbit. TOYS COMING TO LIFE. Ack! It’s probably why I threw my troll dolls away in the late ’80’s.

As you know, I’ve seen just about every episode of “My Crazy Obsession,” (and written about many of them on The Frisky.) I’ve often found myself amused or fascinated or repulsed or a combination of all of the above. But I’m going to say it: crazy troll lady freaked me the fuck out. Comfort me! [The Sun UK]