Fat Fetish Model Consumes 5,000 Calories A Day To Achieve Her Dream

Everyone has a dream. Snoop Lion wanted to be a pimp when he grew up. And 23-year-old Tammy Jung wants to hit 420 lbs. so she can be a high-roller fat fetish model.

Jung has been eating 5,000 calories a day in the hopes she’ll pack on the roughly 40 extra pounds she needs. How much is 5,000 calories? Well, a woman of her size should be eating about 1,800 to maintain an average weight; Olympic athletes burn roughly 5,000 calories in a five-hour long workout. And like Olympic athletes, she’s consuming amounts of food it gives other people a stomach ache just to think about — like, say, funneling milk shakes down her throat. She can eat whole boxes of donuts, buckets of fried chicken, or “a few burgers” in one sitting. Her boyfriend Johan is called a “feeder,” meaning that he gets off on feeding Jung so she grows in size. And so do the people online  — fat enthusiasts — who watch her gorging herself online and  make requests for what she should eat in videos. Doing this, she earns roughly $1,500 a month. The larger she is, apparently, the more she can earn.

It’s hard to know how to feel about a model like Tammy Jung: I don’t personally care about other people’s bodies/diets or think it’s my business to criticize how they look/eat. Frankly I’m more upset by people who abuse drugs and alcohol than ones who drink too many milkshakes; the difference is you can see fat people more easily than substance abusers, which is why I think they’re targeted more. And I actually think it’s cool that Jung cares so little about appealing to the mainstream ideal of how a woman is supposed to look — albeit, to be fair,  going to great lengths to appeal to a subset of men who have another way they want her to look.

But I do feel uncomfortable that she’s putting her health at risk in order to earn more money. It’s the same way I feel about people who engage in anorexic or bulimic behavior in the modeling industry: it’s her body and it her choice what to do with it, but I hope it’s worth it to her in the long term.

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