10 Pieces Of Insane Advice Our Mothers Gave Us (Along With Some Equally Insane GIFs)

Usually our mothers give us sound advice, like we need to use shaving cream and lotion to prevent razor burn. Or that that we should swallow our pride and apologize if we’ve done something wrong. We’re on board with this stuff. But sometimes, the things our mothers tell us are just really bizarre. In honor of Mother’s Day, some motherly words of wisdom from questionable beliefs about bananas to misconceptions about our periods that made us go Huh?

My mom worked at the zoo when we were growing up, so she would always give me animal-related advice, like “Maybe you just need a little space, like the rhino we quarantined today.”

Sleep without underwear on to air out your vagina.

Stay on the pill because you got your period when you were really young and you need to save the periods for later.

Don’t eat bananas because they cause belly fat.

When I was 16 and wanted to go on birth control pills, she gasped and said, “You can’t have sex!”

Wear red underwear because it brings good luck.

If I die, I die.

No matter how poor or in debt you are, you should always spend money on a good bra, because a good foundation is essential.

Being a nun is an underrated profession, because you could gain so much weight under that habit and no one would ever know!

You only have 24 hours to lock down a man before he’ll move on and forget you.