North Carolina Pols Actually Thought Requiring Parental Consent For STD Testing Was A Good Idea

Thank God somebody in North Carolina’s state legislature has some sense: the Health and Human Services Committee has pulled a bill that would require teens get parental consent for STD testing and treatment, as well as other healthcare. The Republican-controlled committee had advanced the bill on Tuesday, to an explosion of WTF ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? on the Internet.

The bill would have required teens to get notarized parental consent for STD testing and treatment, pregnancy care, mental health counseling, or substance abuse treatment. Anyone with half a brain would know that teenagers don’t want to talk with dear old Mommy and Daddy about weird stuff going on in their genitals, their cutting problem, or their dependency on popping pills. But North Carolina Republicans? Apparently they don’t understand basic human psychology.

It’s yet another scary development in the idea that a young adult’s sexuality belongs to his or her parent, already illustrated by North Carolina’s parental consent law for abortions. But it’s wrong for abortions, it’s wrong for STD testing, it’s wrong for STD treatment, it’s wrong for mental health care, it’s wrong for pregnancy care, and it’s wrong for ¬†substance abuse treatment. Young adults need to be empowered to make their own informed decisions about their bodies and minds, period.

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