Girl, Please: Farrah Abraham Says Sex Tape With James Deen Was Supposed To Be “Private”

I’m not sure what Farrah Abraham’s motive is, but she sure is determined to convince the masses that her sex tape with porn star James Deen — released by Vivid Video as “Farrah Superstar: Back Door Teen Mom” — was actually meant to be kept private. Here she is appearing on “Entertainment Tonight,” explaining that, yes, she hired James Deen to have sex with her on camera, but it was only ever going to be for her, uh, private collection I guess. It seems Farrah is lonely and thought hiring a porn star to bang her (on camera, remember) was the most discreet way to get laid. She explains:

“I was under the belief this would help better protect me and my privacy. So I was like, ‘if this guy is so professional and everything is gonna be fine,’ then I was like, ‘I’m happier with this choice.'”

Farrah blames Deen for leaking the tape and basically acts like she had no choice but to reap the financial rewards (believed to be in the seven figures). As for why she wanted to film their fuckfest? Empowerment, obviously.

“I’m celebrating my body and I’m celebrating my feminine side. This is something that never should’ve been talked about publicly. This is something that I wanted for when I’m older because I want those sexy photos of me on my best year. This is my year to celebrate that to me. This was for me and just, like, how I represent things for myself. This was for me to see. And also just so, you know, some women feel sexy in different lingerie or, like, whatever they feel sexiest in so I like also sexy photos done.”

Listen, obviously this is all a bunch of bull. I don’t know if Farrah just wants the perks of being a porn star without the stigma of being one, but I wish she would just own it. Even I came around to admitting that she’s got a natural talent for screwing on screen. It’s cool, Farrah! Ain’t no shame. Lying is lame though. (And by the way, stop lying about James Deen’s penis being small. A) We’ve seen it and no it is not, and B) you wouldn’t shut up about how big it is in your now public sex tape. So.)

Mind you, I wouldn’t actually mind if Farrah was telling the truth — because it would mean that I might just be able to afford to hire James Deen to fuck me too. [Celebuzz]