Facebook Page Run By Active Marines Mocks Violence Against Female Troops

A Facebook page run by active Marines mocking violence against female troops has been taken down after it was publicly outed by a Congresswoman. Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) penned a letter to the Secretary of Defense and the commander of the Marine Corps asking them to take action on the page, F’N Wook, which showed pictures of women with disrespectful, sexist, and violent captions. “Many of the pictures imply women only advance professionally by performing sexual favors,” Rep. Speier wrote in her letter. “And otherwise promote the idea that women are inferior and only useful as sexual objects and sandwich makers.”  One showed a picture of three female Marines with the caption, “Lesbian … still goes down on gunny for promotion.” Another showed a servicewoman with a black eye and the caption, “She burned the bacon only once.”

The page comes against the backdrop of news this week that 26,000 servicemembers reported experiencing “unwanted sexual contact” in 2012. In a statement released by the Marine Corps, the military branch reminded soldiers, “We have identified active Marines doing inappropriate posting on social media and they have been punished. … Marines are responsible for all content they publish on social networking web sites, blogs, or other websites. There is no tolerance for discriminatory comments. It goes against good order and discipline.”

However, the Marines’ top brass had supposedly been aware of the page and had been “monitoring” it for three years. It was finally removed on Wednesday night — although a second page was created today of the same name, according to Raw Story. Let’s all hold Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to his prior promises to take sexualized violence in the military seriously.

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