Astrology 101: The Taurus Love Compatibility Guide

What do you know, it’s that Taurus time of year again! As a little birthday gift to you, dear Taurus, we thought we’d put together a compatibility guide to delve into the pros and cons of your romantic match-ups with each sign. Read on to get the scoop on all your potential pairings!

Taurus with Aries:
Best thing about Taurus and Aries: They will get you out of your routine and push you to try new things.
Worst thing: They are waaaayyy too explosive for your cool, collected, even-keel lifestyle.

Taurus with Taurus:
Best thing about Taurus and Taurus: You can count on another Taurus to be just as loyal and committed to you as you are to them.
Worst thing: In a disagreement neither of you will ever budge.

Taurus with Gemini:
Best thing about Taurus and Gemini: You will love their quick wit and find them bringing out your silly side.
Worst thing: They are completely unpredictable which will drive you crazy.

Taurus with Cancer:
Best thing about Taurus and Cancer: Cancer will help you delve into your emotions and give you a safe space to express them which is often hard for you to do.
Worst thing: Cancer can have a sharp tongue at times, and if they say something hurtful it will stay with you forever.

Taurus with Leo:
Best thing about Taurus and Leo: You will love Leo’s loyalty and the way they constantly shower you with physical affection and praise.
Worst thing: Leo will bring out your possessive side a little too often because they are so charming and flirtatious with everyone.

Taurus with Virgo:
Best thing about Taurus and Virgo: You and Virgo will admire each other’s integrity and dedication, and your mutual love of elegance will ensure a beautiful shared home.
Worst thing: You tend to be a person who keeps the peace and gets on well with others, so Virgo’s overly critical behavior will not sit well with you.

Taurus with Libra:
Best thing about Taurus and Libra: Your life with a Libra will be full of things you love, plenty of relaxation, self pampering, and amazing food!
Worst thing: You will see Libra’s inability to choose a side of an issue as them being disingenuous, a trait you can’t stand in people.

Taurus with Scorpio:
Best thing about Taurus and Scorpio: Scorpio will bring out your depth and inner intensity that you hide from most of the world.
Worst thing: Once you let that out they won’t ever let you hide it, which will be a challenge for you.

Taurus with Sagittarius:
Best thing about Taurus and Sagittarius: The two of you can relate on having strong opinions and a very solid sense of who you are.
Worst thing: You both have a strong need for independence which could prevent you from ever gaining real intimacy.

Taurus with Capricorn:
Best thing about Taurus and Capricorn: You both love pampering and taking care of each other so your relationship will be mutually satisfying.
Worst thing: Capricorn’s need for control can really stifle your need for freedom and independence.

Taurus with Aquarius:
Best thing about Taurus and Aquarius: You will love and respect how Aquarius is always true to themselves, and never act in a way that deviates from their value system.
Worst thing: They tend to be a bit emotionally detached which will keep you from genuinely expressing your deep feelings.

Taurus with Pisces:
Best thing about Taurus and Pisces: As two sensitive, deeply emotional signs, you’ll have no trouble keeping the romance alive.
Worst thing: Pisceans are always going with the flow–wherever that may take them–and this lack of stability makes you nervous.

[Photo of Taurus woman via Shutterstock]