14 Things Men Will Never Understand About Our Beauty Regimens (Demonstrated In GIFs)

Men! There are plenty of things about women that they don’t understand, but they really, really don’t understand what goes into our appearances. Sure, they sort of get why we might feel like we need concealer, or even lipstick. But when it comes to more nuanced beauty tricks, like filling in your eyebrows or using a blow-dryer, they are clueless. Here are 14 things that men will never, ever even begin to understand about our beauty regimens … [Clueless man image via Shutterstock]

Why we need to use eyebrow pencil when we have perfectly fine, functional eyebrows already on our faces.

Why it takes us so long in the shower. What are we even doing in there?

Why we put conditioner in our hair. They never use conditioner!

Why it takes us so long to put makeup on. These things can’t be rushed, you know.

Why we would want to dye our hair any color other than our actual hair color.

Why we would ever use more than one universal product to wash our hair, face, and body.

Why we moisturize ANYTHING, ever.

Blow-drying as a concept.

Why we need to get our nails done again. We just got them done last week!

Why all of our products cost so much money.

Why it’s never a good idea to grab our butts or try to touch us when we’re putting on makeup.

Eyelash curlers. They look like a torture device. Doesn’t it hurt?

Why they can’t use our expensive products to do whatever it is they do in the shower (i.e. wash their balls).

Why we always end up looking better, smelling better, and generally having our shit together more than they do by the time we leave the house. Um, it takes time and effort, duh!