This Guy’s Arrest Is Going Better Than Your Whole Day

Judging from this picture, Tulsa, Oklahoma, resident Cabrone Brewer does not give two fucks that he just got arrested. In fact, he’s feeling just fine about it. Brewer was arrested after his car got stuck on the train tracks Friday night (how does that happen?). He phoned 911 and when local police responded, they found Brewer in an intoxicated state. They arrested him and then found out he had an outstanding warrant. For an open container. The night of his prom.

Brewer wanted to “have a little fun with it” he told the officer who booked him and took this epic mugshot photo. Figuring “this is going to end up in that mugshot paper,” he opted to “go for the gold.”

Brewer was apparently visiting Oklahoma — he lives in Brooklyn and works as a freelance copywriter (and professional funny face maker). He was released after a night in jail on $1,000 bail. [Tulsa World]