“Small Town Security”‘s Joan Reveals Her Crush On Avril Lavigne

You guys! Apologies in advance for being the most awkward interviewer ever, but have you seen “Small Town Security” yet? The first season captured the utterly bonkers world of Joan Koplan and her merry band of security guards. To give you a brief summary: Joan is married to Irwin but Dennis thinks Joan is his soulmate. And Joan is mega crushing on Brian, who works in the company’s office. And! She’s also got a crush on Avril Lavigne. Joan and her head of security Dennis recently visited us at the Frisky, to talk about the new season, Dennis’s continuing FTM transition (yup, Dennis used to be a woman), and Joan’s romance secrets. I mean, you need to watch this show. The second season premieres Thursday, May 9 at 10/9 c on AMC.