Democratic Republic Of Congo Worst Place On Earth For Mothers

  • The Democratic Republic of Congo is the worst country in the world for mothers, according to the annual report on motherhood from Save The Children. The best place on Earth, in terms of education, income, maternal health and child mortality, continues to be Finland, Sweden and Norway. We should be ashamed of ourselves, America. [BBC]
  • This is beyond fucked up: an Air Force brochure advises sexual assault victims to “submit.” [WIRED]
  • On the Lilith Fund, an organization that gives small grants to women seeking an abortion. [Texas Observer]
  • Arkansas has asked a federal judge to dismiss a challenge to the state’s ban on abortions after 12 weeks. [Ms. Magazine]
  • Seven female musicians discuss their experiences with sexism. [BuzzFeed]
  • Mika Brzezinski on why we should use the word “fat” more often. [Bookish]
  • The Skinny Cow frozen treats company is trying to make “woman cave” happen. [The Gloss]
  • Professional stuntwoman Gaelle Cohen talks about “Zero Dark Thirty” and sexism she’s experienced in Hollywood in the stunt performance field. [Huffington Post]


  • On an Indian TV journalist who is regularly threatened with rape and stripping on social media. [BBC]
  • The Catholic Church in Kenya has opposed a billboard and newspaper ad campaign that promotes condom usage as a method to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and STDs. [BBC]
  • How “lad culture” (here we would call it “bro culture”) is encouraging British students to set up feminist groups on campus. [Guardian UK]

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[Photo of children from Democratic Republic of Congo via Shutterstock]