7 Little Ways To Show Your Mom Some Long-Distance Love

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, which always brings up a good question: what’s the best way to celebrate your mom and keep your relationship strong if you live hundreds (or thousands!) of miles away from her and can’t just show up at her house with a bouquet of flowers? I polled the rest of The Frisky staff for tips on showing your mom some long distance love, on Mother’s Day or any other day for that matter, and here’s what we came up with…

1. Start a mother-daughter book club. Pick a book you both have been dying to read and a realistic amount of time to finish it. Then carve out an hour or two to call each other, sip white wine, and discuss the key plot points–of your cousin’s latest drama, of course, and maybe the book too, if you have enough time.

2. Call her to vent. Yes, you’re an adult, and yes, you can probably get by without venting to your mom about your problems (OK, maybe you can’t, and that’s fine too), but we have it on good authority that many moms would actually prefer it if their daughters kept them more involved in their daily lives, even the crappy parts. Have a frustrating meeting at work? Missed the bus again? Give your mom a call and tell her all about it.

3. Send her flowers. And not just for Mother’s Day. There’s really nothing like a random bouquet to make someone’s day.

4. Text her (often). Take pictures or videos on your phone of things she might like (flowers, public art, etc.) and send them to her saying they reminded you of her. It’s a small, sweet gesture that really means a lot. If your mom doesn’t know how to text, give her a lesson next time you visit–and insist she give it a try.

5. Set up a video chat. Another tip that requires technology, I know, but if you can get your mom on board the Skype train, schedule some video chats. It makes a huge difference to see someone’s face while you talk to them, and it will give your mom the opportunity to nag you to clean up the pile of laundry that she can see in the corner of your webcam.

6. Invite her to visit. Make your mom feel welcome to visit if she’d like (even if you would secretly rather she didn’t take you up on the offer).

7. Make her a photo book. She already stalks you on Facebook. Feed her insatiable hunger for photos by using a service like Shutterfly or Snapfish to compile a gorgeous book of pictures of the two of you she’ll enjoy for years to come. Get one for yourself while you’re at it, and flip through it whenever you’re missing your mama.

Do you guys have any other tips for celebrating/pampering/loving your mom from afar? Please share them in the comments!

[Photo of Mother’s Day bouquet via Shutterstock]