Dreams Come True: Riff Raff As Jamie Franko On “One Life To Live”

Rapper/gold chain impressario Riff Raff is a magical unicorn. The inspiration for James Franco’s “Spring Breakers” character Alien, Riff has been determined to get back at Franco for copping his whole act. So he did the most logical thing and signed up for a stint on “One Life To Live” as art gallerist Jamie Franko. (This all makes sense because Franco did a guest stint as performance artist FRANCO on “General Hospital,” and the world is an ouroboros.)

In this largely (seemingly) improvised clip, Riff Raff as Franko threatens a club owner (there are crazy hot clubs on in Llanview now!), swears (Hulu, man), encourages a couple of girls to indulge in recreational lesbianism, and hits on a waitress. Yup, sounds about right. This guy definitely has a future! [Hulu]