Quiz: Real E-Book Or Fake? Answers Revealed!

Earlier today, we shared a bunch of book titles and synopses. Some of them were real, but many, many others were fake. Could you figure out which ones were actual books and which ones Winona and I totally made up? The answers are after the jump!

Fly Away: A woman must deal with her personal issues before she can keep her promise to help the family of her deceased friend. REAL.

The Bet: Jake, a Seattle millionaire, asks his formerly estranged childhood friend Kacey to pretend to be engaged to him. But she reckoned without Jake’s brother, Travis. REAL.

Dinner at 6: A wealthy widower’s personal chef cooks up a sinister scheme she can’t resist. Book 3 in the Cajun Spice series. FAKE.

Alphabet Gritty: Dick Johnson is a hard-nosed private investigator who doesn’t always play by the rules — when it comes to work or women. FAKE.

Promise Me Darkness: Alone and on the run in a world disrupted by war, a “good girl” and a “bad boy,” friends since childhood, try to survive and to ignore the feelings they have for each other. REAL.

Sunset Road: Brock Woods hasn’t been back to Spring Valley since that fateful prom night, so many years ago. Will the Valley forgive him for leaving? FAKE.

Star Child: During a routine sweep of the Centaurus Galaxy, space commander Dirk Swinson finds a lost orphan who desperately needs his protection. FAKE.

Don’t Say A Word: A reckless photographer helps a woman delve into the mysteries of her past. REAL

For The Love Of The Name: Two women share the same unusual first name, and a series of mishaps leads them on the adventure of a lifetime. FAKE.

Tender Knights Alex Knight is a world class spy, but when he meets fellow agent Alison Stormwood in the field, all bets are off in this romantic thriller. FAKE.

Twisted Perfection: For Woods Kerrington, the carefree girl who didn’t care what the world thought of her was more breakable than he could ever imagine. REAL.

Other Voices Sarah is Gendry Island’s only music teacher, but she has no one to make sweet music of her own with — until Tyson returns to the home he left 10 years ago. FAKE.

Rock My Bed: Just when Aubrey Jenson thinks she’s forgotten Riff, the lead guitarist for the band Black Falcon, circumstance forces her to see him again. Book 2 in the Black Falcon series. REAL.

Backwoods: What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend at the family cabin turns into a fight for survival for Randy Fleishmann and his 5 sons. FAKE.

On the Fence: Mary Ashwood is the head of the venerable Ashwood clan — the most prominent pig-farming family in Larkdale County. But she’s harboring a deep secret that could tear her family–and the farm–apart. FAKE.

Real: A star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit sets a woman’s mind ablaze and her body on fire with wanting. REAL.

Rockwood Lane: A stranger comes to Rockwood Lane — and has the women of the neighborhood fearing for their lives. FAKE.

True Believers: When a cult takes over a small North Carolina town, pastor Morty Smith has no choice but to rally his congregation–and fight back. FAKE.

The Morning After: Peyton Jackson is a promising baseball star with a bright future — until bad girl Kelsey Standish walks into his life and turns things upside down. FAKE

Mitosis: In the year 2065, cellular biologist Reese Panko makes a discovery that could change the world. But Jen-Tech Industries has other plans. FAKE.