Quiz: New York Times E-Book Best Seller Or Completely Made Up Book?

A friend turned us on to the fact that there are tons of people self-publishing e-books now, and more than a few self-published e-books that have made it to the top of the New York Times e-book bestseller list, a rather impressive feat, considering these books are largely published without any real public relations support. We took a look at the e-book list and picked a bunch of our fave titles and synopses — and then we came up with our own. Can you tell which is a New York Times bestseller and which is a totally made up title? Only seven of these are real, so mark your answers and then check back with us at 5 p.m. EST when we reveal the results!

Check out the answers here!

Fly Away: A woman must deal with her personal issues before she can keep her promise to help the family of her deceased friend.

The Bet: Jake, a Seattle millionaire, asks his formerly estranged childhood friend Kacey to pretend to be engaged to him. But she reckoned without Jake’s brother, Travis.

Dinner at 6: A wealthy widower’s personal chef cooks up a sinister scheme she can’t resist. Book 3 in the Cajun Spice series.

Alphabet Gritty: Dick Johnson is a hard-nosed private investigator who doesn’t always play by the rules — when it comes to work or women.

Promise Me Darkness: Alone and on the run in a world disrupted by war, a “good girl” and a “bad boy,” friends since childhood, try to survive and to ignore the feelings they have for each other.

Sunset Road: Brock Woods hasn’t been back to Spring Valley since that fateful prom night, so many years ago. Will the Valley forgive him for leaving?

Star Child: During a routine sweep of the Centaurus Galaxy, space commander Dirk Swinson finds a lost orphan who desperately needs his protection.

Don’t Say A Word: A reckless photographer helps a woman delve into the mysteries of her past.

For The Love Of The Name: Two women share the same unusual first name, and a series of mishaps leads them on the adventure of a lifetime.

Tender Knights: Alex Knight is a world class spy, but when he meets fellow agent Alison Stormwood in the field, all bets are off in this romantic thriller.

Twisted Perfection: For Woods Kerrington, the carefree girl who didn’t care what the world thought of her was more breakable than he could ever imagine.

Other Voices: Sarah is Gendry Island’s only music teacher, but she has no one to make sweet music of her own with — until Tyson returns to the home he left 10 years ago.

Rock My Bed: Just when Aubrey Jenson thinks she’s forgotten Riff, the lead guitarist for the band Black Falcon, circumstance forces her to see him again. Book 2 in the Black Falcon series.

Backwoods: What was supposed to be a relaxing weekend at the family cabin turns into a fight for survival for Randy Fleishmann and his 5 sons.

On the Fence: Mary Ashwood is the head of the venerable Ashwood clan — the most prominent pig-farming family in Larkdale County. But she’s harboring a deep secret that could tear her family–and the farm–apart.

Real: A star of the dangerous underground fighting circuit sets a woman’s mind ablaze and her body on fire with wanting.

Rockwood Lane: A stranger comes to Rockwood Lane — and has the women of the neighborhood fearing for their lives.

True Believers: When a cult takes over a small North Carolina town, pastor Morty Smith has no choice but to rally his congregation–and fight back.

The Morning After: Peyton Jackson is a promising baseball star with a bright future — until bad girl Kelsey Standish walks into his life and turns things upside down.

Mitosis: In the year 2065, cellular biologist Reese Panko makes a discovery that could change the world. But Jen-Tech Industries has other plans.