“Game Of Thrones” Recap: Jon Snow & Ygritte 4 Ever

Last week on “Game of Thrones,” we learned the one thing Jon Snow knows — cunnilingus — and this week, Ygritte, the lucky recipient of his tongue lashing, made it clear she’s not letting him go. Prepping for this climb up the giant ice wall, Ygritte calls Jon out, saying she knows he is really still loyal to the crows and not Mance Rayder, despite the fact that he took her dare and gave up his oath of celibacy. Ygritte doesn’t seem to care who Jon is ultimately loyal to, so long as he stays loyal to her. “You’re a proper lover, Jon Snow,” she compliments him, saying the other men she’s been with haven’t treated her as well, “Or done the thing you did with your tongue.” But later:

“I’m your woman now, Jon Snow. You’re going to be loyal to your woman. The Night’s Watch doesn’t care if you live or die, and Mance Rayder don’t care if I live or die. We’re just soldiers in their armies and there’s plenty more to carry on if we go down. It’s just you and me that matters to me in the end. Don’t ever betray me. Because I’ll cut your pretty cock right off and wear it round me neck.”

Damn, girl. That’s one way to make sure he loves you.

Later on, they manage to scale the wall, with mind you a few hiccups along the way, and share a passionate kiss as they stand overlooking the uncharted vista beyond. It’s a romantic moment, on a completely unromantic show, so you know things aren’t looking good for long. Check out both clips above!