May The Fourth Be With You: 10 Ways To Celebrate Star Wars Day

Today is May 4th, which, thanks to the enduring pun “May the fourth be with you,” is now widely regarded as STAR WARS DAY. Wondering how to celebrate this most important of holidays? Read on for 10 ideas…

1. Watch all the “Star Wars” movies in a row. Is it the most obvious way to celebrate? Yes, but it’s also really fun, especially if you make a blanket fort in the shape of a dead tauntaun. Don’t forget to dress comfy and load up on snacks–you’re going to be sedentary for a miiiiiighty long time.

2. Wear your hair in Princess Leia cinnamon roll buns. Here’s a video tutorial to get you started.

3. Talk like Chewbacca all day. Challenge yourself to communicate solely in Wookiee screams for a full 24 hours. The people who are still your friends at the end of the day? Those are your true friends.

4. Build your own lightsaber. It’s super easy, you guys. All you need is a soldering iron, drill, PVC pipe, bonding glue, pliers, LED lights, a small motor, polycarbonate tubing, three feet of wire, and tin foil. OK, maybe it’s not that easy. But it’s awesome.

5. Write a letter to Jar Jar Binks telling him all the negative ways he has affected your life. Be honest. Really dig into the issues you’ve been burying all these years. Trust me, you’ll feel better afterwards.

6. Dress your pet in an Ewok costume. Because seriously, look:

7. Call your friend Luke and leave him a breathy voicemail telling him you’re his father. Come on. He deserves to know.

8. Play the Hayden Christensen bad acting drinking game. Watch Episodes II and III and take a shot of vodka every time one of Hayden Christensen’s serious lines make you laugh. The game ends when you go to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.

9. Watch this mashup of LMFAO’s “Party Rock” with the Mos Eisley Cantina music. It’s fucking flawless.

10. Practice using The Force. It’s probably been awhile since you spent a few solid hours attempting to jiggle a coffee cup with your mind (every “Star Wars” fan spent the majority of their adolescence doing this). Today’s a great day to give it another shot. But remember: do or do not. There is no try.

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