I Wish Carla Bruni Would Stop Talking About How “Ugly” She Looked Pregnant

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“It was a very fragile moment in my life. I’m kind of tall, with good-size shoulders, and when I am 40 pounds overweight, I don’t even look fat — I just look ugly. Having children when you’re older is not easy.”

I can see where you’re coming from, Carla Bruni … maybe? Can I? If Carla Bruni looks ugly pregnant, then what do the other pregnant people look like? This new Vanity Fair interview with the supermodel and former First Lady of France is, well, frankly kind of depressing, considering this is Carla Bruni we’re talking about and all she can seem to talk about is how shitty her life is. But she did speak openly about going to therapy  in “double the doses” these days, so points for that! And, like, absolutely nothing else. Sorry, Carla. [Celebitchy]

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