Serial Groper Gets Off Scot-Free, Because That’s How We Do

Oh, FFS, America. Last year, New York City was captivated by the tale of the good-looking, really well-dressed, white man — totally the kind of guy who want to bring home to your bubbe — who was sexually assaulting women in public. The man the tabloids called the “Gentleman Groper” was later fingered as a lawyer named Paul Kraft, who plead guilty to groping or taking crotch shots of numerous women in wealthy neighborhoods like the Upper East Side or the Financial District. Here are some creepy examples of stuff he did. Gross, right? Well, you’ll be … surprised … to hear he’s gotten off without jail time.

Yup, Paul Kraft is free to grope vaginas and snap upskirt pics again! Because of his lack of criminal history, he was offered a plea deal, which he accepted, that involves only probation and weekly “sexual impulse therapy” for 18 months. Kraft might even get to keep practicing law! Now, I don’t disagree that rehabilitative therapy seems a much better way to deal with sexual abusers (and drug addicts and anyone else who finds themselves behind bars). But I also don’t feel comfortable with predatory sexual abusers mixing with society. I can’t help but wonder whether the fact he’s an attractive white lawyer contributed to the fact he hasn’t received a day of jail time. [Gothamist]

[Photo of molestation via Shutterstock]

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