Danish Show “Blachman” Offers Unkempt Men’s Opinions On Naked Women

Take a good look at the picture of the two men posted here. Would you want the two of them to judge your naked body? On national television? Because that’s exactly what’s happening on a new show in Denmark. TV host Thomas Blachman (the bald, pot-bellied one) and a rotating male guest (in this episode, an unkempt hairy one), openly ridicule, judge and comment on women’s naked bodies. And yes, that’s the entire point of the show. Called simply “Blachman,” the show is intended to helpfully give women an honest earful about what men truly think about their bodies.

Women, says Blachman, “‘thirst for the words of a man.” You’re thirsty right now, right?

This is not the first show of its kind. In 2003, Lorenzo Lamas and Rachel Hunter were part of a reality TV series called “Are You Hot? The Search For America’s Sexiest People.” And this isn’t Blachman’s first TV gig. He’s also judged the Danish version of “The X Factor.” But his misogynist attitudes are well known. On one episode of “Blachman,” he asks a contestant, “”How’s that pussy working out for you?” On another, he admits, “I’ve always been an ass man.” In fact, Blachman says he created the show to expose the “dickless society” we live in.

Aside from the patently offensive and misogynistic nature of the program, Danish residents are outraged because the show is partly subsidized by government television licensing fees. “I will not fucking pay for the financing of this ridiculous program,” wrote one angry viewer to the show’s network, DR2.

The show has its supporters, like DR2’s editor Sofia Fromberg. “We do not think the program is women’s oppression. On the contrary, we think that it is great to be able to demonstrate an alternative to the airbrushed and typecastade women who are in the media.”

Just what qualifies a guy who is clearly in less than tip top condition to judge the aesthetic worth of a bunch of women is beyond me. In the meantime, it appears that Blachman and his cohorts will continue to openly, and happily discuss nipples, pussy and the rest on Danish television.

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