Would You Get A Tattoo If It Meant Getting A Raise?

Companies run a lot of weird scams to get attention and free advertising. In the case of New York real estate company Rapid Realty, that worked in spades. Company manager Anthony Lolli  devised a plan to give employees who got tattoos permanent 15 percent raises.

But there’s a catch! Isn’t there always?

The tattoo has to be of the company’s logo. With more than 1,100 employees in the New York tri-state area, that’s a lot of potential free advertising.

Lolli said he was inspired to create the in-house raise concept after one of his employees got a tattoo of the company’s logo — of his own volition. A second company employee, Tyler Evenson, then followed suit.“When I did it, we were very proud of our company and where we worked and it was fun for us,” Evenson told ABC News.

So far, around 40 have signed up to get a tattoo. There’s no restriction as to where you have to get the ink, says Lolli, though obviously, the bigger and more visible the better.[MetroUK]

Would you get a tattoo of your company’s logo for a raise? And how much of a raise would it have to be?

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