World Crowns Its First Female Waterbombing Champion

Waterbombing. Heretofore it’s been a male-dominated sport — for the last eight years men have taken the top spot in this highly competitive field. But no more. On Wednesday night, in Sheffield, England, 20-year-old Charlotte Rowney took top honors with a perfect score.

Which means nothing to you, if you’re not familiar with waterbombing, of course. Here’s basically what it is: a bizarre, hilarious contest where people dress up in funny costumes and attempt to do a belly flop into a pool. Contestants are judged based on biggest splash, showmanship and belly-flopping bravado. Rowney, a student at the University of Nottingham, says she’d never dived before and is admittedly not a very good swimmer. Her costume of choice was Daphne from “Scooby Doo,” which may have helped her garner a perfect score. Rowney later took the top spot in a five-way waterbomb-off, against a guy dressed like a clown, a man dressed in superhero gear, and a woman in a nun’s habit.

The event was organized to raise money for British cancer charity Macmillan. [JusNews]