Saudi Woman Convinces Fiancé To Marry Her Two Best Friends As Well

Here’s a twist on polygamy for you. A Saudi woman told her fiancé that she would marry him on the condition that he would also marry her two best friends, who happened to be her coworkers at the school she taught at. At first the man thought it was a joke, but the woman was dead serious and she refused to get hitched unless he agreed to the offer.

“He realized that she was not joking when she insisted on her demand … after mediation efforts by relatives, he agreed to marry the three school teachers,” reported the Saudi Arabic language daily Alyoum in a report from the western town of Taif. After the man wed the three friends, he rented them all their own apartments and the husband takes turns rotating between their places. According to the report, the arrangement has not spoiled their friendship and they still spend a lot of time at each other’s places hanging out and doing housework. No word on when their reality show, “My Three Brides,” is set to air.

It you’re gonna go polygamous, being able to barter your best friends into the deal makes things a lot more appealing. I’m not particularly into the idea of my husband screwing my friends, but I would be down for a whole platonic sister wives situation, meaning I was the only one who was the wife in the biblical sense. If I do ever get married, maybe I’ll demand that my husband marry all The Frisky editors and we can all live in a giant beach hut/blogging compound together. Hmmmm. I’m responding positively to that idea. [Emirates 247]

[Three brides photo from Shutterstock]