“No More Abuse” Campaign Launched In Saudi Arabia

Th anti-domestic violence campaign, “No More Abuse,” has been launched in the desert of women’s rights: Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia is not known for it draught of gender parity.  Just last month it was considered a “victory” of sorts that women were allowed to ride bicycles.  (Granted the privilege comes with a lengthy post script: in a full abaya, with a male relative present, in designated spaces.)

According to the World Economic Forum, Saudi Arabia is ranked 131 out of 135 countries in the The Global Gender Gap Index, which measures gender equality in countries.  (In case you were wondering, the U.S. is ranked 22, and Iceland is number one.) Yet there is slow progress being made in this country that barely ekes out Yemen, Pakistan, Chad and Syria (135 -132 respectively) in their treatment of women.

This first campaign against domestic violence was launched by the King Khalid Foundation, a non profit organization, using a powerful and compelling image.  Though a women is required to be fully covered from head to toe in an abaya, her eyes are still visible to the world.  And in this image: one eye is black and blue from abuse. The English version text reads, “Some things can’t be covered.”

In addition to detailing a future study to be conducted on domestic violence in Saudi Arabia, the site has resources for victims of domestic abuse.  As long as there is unfettered, un-monitored access to the internet a woman can reach out and get help.  And that’s nothing but good news.

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