New Fave Tumblr: White Men Wearing Google Glass

Have you seen Google Glass yet? It’s the impossibly expensive ($1,500) new toy Google recently unleashed. What it is: An attachment one affixes to your eyeglasses that allows you to snap photos and record video with the blink of an eye. A sort of creepy, futuristic “Jetsons”-type gadget, Google Glass is basically like affixing a computer to your head. You can watch videos, record videos, take photos and browse the web, via the glass.

Consequently, nerdy guys love it. And because it’s currently only available on a limited basis, and just to the very connected, nerdy white Silicon Valley guys have been caught wearing their Google Glasses out on the town — and they look pretty funny. And thankfully, White Men Wearing Google Glass, a Tumblr devoted to chronicling the travels and travails of white guys with Google Glass affixed to their glasses, captures it all.

Personally, I think this is one of those “end of civilization” kind of things — yet another device that mediates our actual experience of the world. The result is a simulacrum of reality, constantly filtered through the glass in the same way people snap photos of pieces of artwork at museums, rather than simply look and absorb organically. Or the way anytime you go to a show,  there are four zillion people holding up smart phones videotaping or photographing what’s happening. We’ve become a weird culture where people interpolate culture vis a vis a piece of technology, removing us from actually, you know, experiencing anything. [White Men Wearing Google Glass]