A Practical Guide To Picking Guys Up At The Airport

I’m no longer a single traveler, but I was, OH I WAS, for most of my 20s. And not to big myself up or anything, but I did well at airports. You’re probably asking yourself, What does she mean by well? I mean at least a dozen phone numbers/email addresses, three dates, two hookups (one in-air!), one free ride home, two free tickets to a concert and one (kind of) long distance romance. I won’t regale you with the details of these airport meetings — although one guy did almost miss his flight to run back to my terminal and buy me a latte at Starbucks. That was awfully sweet and rom-com-ish of him. What I will share with you are my own tips for working some magic at the terminal.

1. Wear something presentable. None of that traveling in your PJs and UGGs crap. Yes, you have to wake up and 5 a.m. to catch your flight and who wants to put on shoes or, God forbid, mascara at that ungodly hour? I’m not saying get as dressed up as Kim Kardashian does to travel, but at least take a shower and put on something with a zipper. It’s good to be comfortable when you’ll be sitting in a tiny seat for hours, but keep in mind that there’s an off chance you’ll see someone attractive. Actually, it’s not an off chance. It’s highly likely. So take an extra 30 seconds and put on some blush.

2. Get to the airport early. This is a good idea, for starters, because you don’t want to miss your flight. But there are other benefits to having an hour to kill at the terminal. You have time to buy overpriced snacks and browse for books you’d never otherwise read! You have time to pee before you’re 32,000 feet in the air! You have time for a glass of wine in the airport bar before your flight takes off! Airport bars are great places to meet male people.

3. Gate/ security line/ baggage claim flirting. You don’t have any control over who you sit next to on the plane. All you can do is pray that you won’t be sitting next to Gassy Gus. But we can only control what’s in our sphere of influence and that includes what security line we choose and where we sit while waiting to board and who we stand next to while waiting for our luggage. This is the part where you CHOOSE to sit /stand next to the attractive person that you’d like to strike up conversation with and do so. And nice thing about being at the airport is that there are sooo many things to complain about and complaining is the best way to break the ice. Or at least, I think so.

4. Practice your travel attitude. I have this thing that I do when I go out of town where I choose to leave anything and everything negative or vexing at home when I travel. It’s a c’est la vie carpe diem que sera, sera sort of vibe that I like to go for. And I begin practicing it the moment I arrive at the airport. SURPRISE! The opposite sex is more attracted to me when I’m not a stressball. Cray.