Who’s Your Favorite Person To Travel With, And Why?

Traveling with the right person or group can turn even a weekend at the beach into an unforgettable experience. On the other hand, traveling with the wrong person can turn the trip of your dreams into a total nightmare. We’ve made an extensive list of the pros and cons of different travel partners before, but in the spirit of Wanderlust 2013, we thought it would be fun to give a shoutout to our favorite traveling companions–and we’d love to hear about yours. Do you like mother-daughter adventures? Sexy getaways with your lover? Big group trips? Do you and your BFF plan all your vacays together? After the jump, find out about The Frisky staff’s favorite travel buddies, and then tell us about yours!

“I haven’t traveled with her since I was a kid, but I am (hopefully) taking my mom to Nicaaaaaaraaaaaagua with me as her Mother’s Day gift and anticipate we will have a bangin’ time. Although she’d better not cockblock me with any waiters. — Amelia

“My boyfriend and I are really compatible, travel-wise, because when we’re in a new place we both like to wander around with no agenda and eat 12 meals a day. I also love traveling with my best friend because we spend the whole time laying on the beach and talking about the meaning of life. It’s like therapy, but with less crying and more tanning.” –Winona

“My best friend Reni and I have taken a bunch of trips together and have had the most amazing time. I took a two week trip to Paris with my brother and we only fought twice. Once because I was caffeine-deprived and I yelled at him and once because I had to “pee too much.” Otherwise it was impressive how well we got along. We even shared a hotel room.” –Ami

“I like traveling with my boyfriend in the same way that I like doing generally anything with him–we get along super well and have the same general ideas about what we want to do. Plus, he likes to shop almost more than I do.” –Julie

Alright, now it’s your turn: tell us about your favorite travel buddies in the comments!

[Photo of traveling couple via Shutterstock]