I Am Thoroughly Obsessed With Sarah Simmons’ Cover Of “Wild Horses” On “The Voice”

I know it happened on Monday, but I am behind on life. Please forgive me. That’s just the pace I’m moving at these days. If you are slow like me and/or don’t watch “The Voice” because it’s gotten annoying with all its striving to be like a sports season, I will watch for you and let you know when there’s something you need to know about. OK! You need to know about Sarah Simmons and her cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Wild Horses.” This is one of my favorite songs and it’s been covered extensively, so I think it’s hard to blow this record out the box. In my opinion, Sarah did. I watched it 17 times last night before bed and yes, I cried a little. What of it? It spoke to my spirit animal, which very well may be a wild horse. After the jump, I’ve included Sarah’s version of Joan Osbourne’s “One Of Us” that she sang for the auditions. Also quite BEEEP.