Senator Kirsten Gillibrand On Why Women Need To Run For Office

“When women are at the table, a broader agenda is discussed, an agenda that looks out for all Americans, particularly those who are voiceless. Women’s voices are not better than men’s, they’re different and the broader perspective that we bring often leads to better results. That’s why I’ve been such an advocate for more women to run for office and make their voices heard.”

– Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) penned an impassioned op-ed for PolicyMic about ending sexual assault in the military. In it, she makes this point about how it’s “not a coincidence at all” that there are 20 women in the U.S. Senate and this issue is finally being directly addressed. Hear, hear! Clearly Sen. Gillibrand’s statement about the need for “broader perspectives” applies to people of color, LGBTQ folks, and anyone else who has been voiceless in our government for far too long. [PolicyMic] [Photo: Getty]