Etsy Spotlight: Travel-Themed Jewelry To Celebrate Your Journey

We’ve been sharing our favorite travel tips, stories and destinations with you the past couple of weeks, so it seemed like a good time to pick out some of our favorite travel-themed jewelry. We’ve selected some great map, compass and plane-themed pieces to help feed your travel bug!

1. Vintage World Map Earrings, $20
2. Vintage London Underground Railways Map Bracelet, $40
3. Custom Map Bracelet With Choice of Six Locations, $30
4. Hot Air Balloon Necklace, $19
5. Vintage Compass Pendant, $13.75
6. Brass Compass Key Necklace, $15
7. Compass Earrings, $15
8. Wood Compass Necklace, $20
9. World Map Wrap Ring, $13
10. Airplane Ring With Spinning Propeller, $15
11. Traveler’s Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet, $185
12. Resin Domino Bracelet, $30