Must Haves: 12 Lovely Lockets For Keeping Your Keepsakes

Lockets are a cute, old-timey way to keep the things you care about close to you. Whether you stick a picture, or a tiny note, or your breast milk (!?) in them, we’ve got 12 sweet lockets to keep close to your heart (and wrist!) (Click here to see a larger image!)

1. Turquoise Teal & Powder Blue Mandala Pocket Watch Locket, $35
2. Forget Me Not Tiny Heart Locket, $25
3. Gold Locket Necklace, $50
4. Tree of Life Locket, $23.50
5. Small Gold Locket Bracelet, $14
6. Fox Locket Vintage Woodland Treasure Locket, $22.24
7. Aqua Blue Poppy Flower Locket Necklace, $32
8. Vintage 1970s Photo Locket, $17
9. Nautical Mussel Shell Locket, $69
10. Sterling Silver Fortune Cookie Locket, $60
11. Antique French Mirror Locket, $98
12. Antique Purse Locket, $160