Really Stupid Celebrity Tweets — Now Set To Music!

"Watching 'Cash Cab' & these questions are SO HARD!"

Shane Dawson collected a bunch of really, really (really) dumb celebrity tweets, and then set them to Rihanna’s hit song “Stay.” The result is a faux-moving tribute featuring ridiculous tweets from Lindsay Lohan, Kanye West, Harry Styles and more. Remember a world before Twitter, when weren’t privy to the asinine thoughts of every famous person? Yeah, that was a time. [YouTube]

Inappropriate Tweets
From celebrities during Hurricane Sandy. Read More »
Tori Boob Tweet
Tori Spelling boobs on Twitter
Oops! Tori Spelling's husband tweeted a pic of her boob. Read More »
Courtney Tweet Quiz
Are these Courtney Stodden Tweets real? Read More »
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