MTV Announces Masculinity-Policing New Series Called “Guy Court”

Just in case you weren’t clear why we still need feminism to break down the sexism of culturally-prescribed gender roles: MTV announced yesterday it greenlit a new reality TV show called “Guy Court” which will straight-up judge bros on their bro-itude. Explains Yahoo:

In the half-hour comedic courtroom series “Guy Court,” which will premiere in fall 2013, the laws of manhood will be upheld as some familiar MTV2 faces will determine the guilt or innocence of a variety of cases in accordance with Guy Code. Each real life case will be judged, defended and prosecuted with the perfect combination of comedy and justice.

“Guy Code” refers to another reality show which airs on MTV2 and determines the bro-ishness of topics such as bachelor parties, rebounds, wine, manscaping, crying, and shopping. (Another spinoff, “Girl Code,” debuted this week, which you can watch online.) I know these types of shows just exist for a few laughs, but I’m so over policing other people on how they perform their gender. Girls can play football and fart. Guys can drink white wine and cry. (Hopefully not in that order.) How about we just let people be people?


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[Image of a doofus in a silly hat via Shutterstock]