Florida’s Feet Are Safe Once Again: Serial Foot Molester Has Been Apprehended

Florida police have finally caught long-time serial foot molester Reginald Cruz. The 23-year-old confessed to approaching hundreds of “dark-skin females” ranging in age from 10 to 32 in their cars, at their homes, and while walking down the street and requesting to touch or massage their feet. Police say Cruz used various stories, such as saying that he was trying to earn a Boy Scout community service badge or that he was a college student conducting medical research. Once he convinced his victims that he legitimately needed to touch there feet, he would start with a foot massage to determine if they trusted him enough. Then he would begin his assault, kissing their feet or sucking their toes for sexual gratification.

He must have told one hell of a convincing tale because I can’t imagine EVER letting a stranger touch my feet. I hate them so much. It’s a struggle to get a pedicure. Anyhow, I’m glad the female feet of Florida are safe to wear sandals once again. Just in time for spring! [WFLA]