Cheaters Love To Eat At The Cheesecake Factory — Plus How To Takes The Best Selfies

Ami Angelowicz | April 26, 2013 - 5:20 pm
  • The real reason people cheat is … hell if I know, but these people think they do. [Uptown Mag]
  • But if you are going to cheat, you should probably take your mister/mistress to the Cheesecake Factory. Because they have so many menu options (that menu is longer than the Bible!) and apparently it’s where adulterers prefer to dine. [The Gloss]
  • How to deal when you and your partner have totally different sex drives? CHEAT! I’m kidding, of course. [Gurl]
  • Ice cubes, candle wax and feathers: these are some of the tools of sensation play. [Em & Lo]
  • What’s porn got to do with it? Very little according to a new study. [iVillage]
  • A brief history of all the times Channing Tatum has appeared sans shirt in films. BEEEEP! [Celebuzz]
  • Dudes, if you’re planning on having a one-night stand here are some things you should remember. Like, let the girl know if you live with your parents and clean the damn mold out of your shower. [Ask Men]
  • Taking sexy selfies: a guide to doing it right. [Betty Confidential]
  • Turn off the TV, guys! It’s confirmed by science: watching the tube lowers your sperm count.Sucks to be you. I’m gonna go watch “Mad Men.” [Modern Man]
  • This woman’s sex drive was saved by a sexless relationship. Yes, you’re going to need to read the whole piece. [Nerve]