Kurtis Peterson Gets 15 Years In Prison For Having Sex With His Dog

You’d be better off raping a woman in Missouri than a dog in Michigan — at least according to the latest sentence handed down for convicted dog sex-haver Kurtis Peterson. Peterso, of Muskegon, Michigan, was caught — by the same woman! — having sex with his pet pit bull not once, but twice. Joyce Yeaw first caught Peterson in the act while attempting to return a key to Peterson’s roommate. He claimed he was just “hugging” the animal. She found him a second time having sex on the living room floor. (Joyce Yeaw doesn’t knock, I guess.)

During the case, Peterson admitted he was “sexually aroused from accidental contact with the animal’s rear,” but claimed that he was “just playing with the dog.” Fourteenth circuit judge Timothy J. Hicks, citing the high likelihood of Peterson reoffending, issued a sentence of one to 15 years — which is about what you’d get for raping a human in Michigan, too, and far more than the minimum sentences for rape in many other states. Then again, the pit bull probably wasn’t a stupid slut.

(Fun fact: Peterson pleaded no contest to “the abominable and detestable crime against nature,” which, in the state of Michigan, still means either bestiality or sodomy.)

In his sentencing, Hicks noted that Peterson was a four-time offender (having also previously been arrested for criminal sexual conduct, carrying a concealed weapon and falsely reporting a felony) and that in his previous stints in prison, “there [were] many complaints of unwanted and inappropriate touching.” Peterson isn’t the only person to have recently been caught having sex with a pit bull. In February, police were called to the Las Vegas home of Kara Vandereyk, after neighbors reported she was naked and engaging in sex acts with her dog. [M Live]