Please Tell Me Aerial Drone Marriage Proposals Are Not Going To Become A Trend

Another day, another couple finding a weird way to make their engagement our business. Today’s viral marriage proposal involves an aerial drone. (You know, like an aircraft without a human pilot. Kind of like a remote control car robot thingy with wings. You may have heard about them recently because the U.S. is currently using them to drop missiles. Anyway, depressing, sorry. Back to the proposal.) So, this guy Jason brought his pregnant girlfriend Christina to a park and landed an aerial drone with her engagement ring. I know, swooning to death, but that’s not even my problem with it. I’m not a huge fan of romantic fanfare. If you call motorized planes romantic. Whatever. I’m happy for them.

My issue being: the production value is just a little too slick. I mean, there are multiple camera angles and credits at the end and Jason figured out how to make his proposal go viral. Isn’t it enough just to propose to the person you want to marry without making it a gimmick fit for internet consumption? Or maybe I’m a hater and aerial drone proposals are the next big thing. [Beta Beat]