Sacre Bleu! French Busdrivers On Strike Over Tight Pants

Bus drivers in the French city of Marseille are going on strike — over tight pants.  They say the newly redesigned uniforms are of poor quality and simply don’t fit. The drivers aren’t happy with the color or fit of the pants, and claim that they’re just too tight. The 1,600 or so drivers are set to go on strike on June 3.

“We reject the bottom half of this uniform, which has the same colour as the Gendarmerie National,” said union leader Bernard Gargiolo. “The employees don’t want to wear a uniform that was chosen unilaterally by the management, without taking into account the views of our clothing committee.” Wait! The French bus drivers have a clothing committee?

Also contentious are the drivers’ new lavender shirts, though union members stress that it really is the tightness of the pants that’s raising their ire.

Uniform designer Jonathan Charles is taking the group’s criticism in stride. “People are saying they look like clowns. Well, that was already the case with the old outfits.” [The Local]