Just A Man And His $25,000 Mustard Collection

Will I ever tire of “My Crazy Obsession” and the special individuals they feature? Answer: NO. This week’s episode features Barry Levinson, whose obsession with mustard started 26 years ago when he was shopping at an all-night grocery store and heard “a voice” tell him to collect mustard.

“You don’t argue with voices at 2:30 in the morning,” Barry explained. Nope, I agree. Those types of voices are usually a precursor to getting committed. But Barry didn’t get committed. Rather, he committed himself to his favorite, yellow condiment. Now he has the largest mustard collection in the world. His 5,500 jars from 50 states and 80 countries is estimated to be worth about $25,000. Who knew condiments could be so lucrative! Barry must surely have enough mustard to spare a dollop or two for doing things like, say, brushing his teeth with it. WHICH HE DOES. I love me some mustard on my sandwich too, but I draw the line at putting it on my toothbrush. I guess I’ll have to watch the whole episode this Wednesday to find out what other creative uses Barry’s found for mustard. I’m scared. [TLC]