Black Female Legislators Walk Out Of Florida House Debate On Race-Selective Abortion

  • Abortion opponents in Florida are currently trying to pass a ban through the House of Representatives that would criminalize abortion on the basis of race or gender. Despite a lack of evidence that race- and sex-selective abortions are a problem in the United States, it’s becoming a popular tactic of the anti-abortion movement to claim reproductive rights are a secret genocidal plot against black folks. You can read a breakdown of such bills — including an amazing smackdown by Rep. Gwen Moore of Wisconsin — from  2011. FL’s Rep. Charles Van Zant, a white dude and a Republican, sponsored the legislation and fulminated last week that abortion is “reducing the black population.” Several black female legislators walked out of the debate on Thursday, claiming the bill is an opportunistic grab to ban abortion. “I don’t appreciate anyone trying to explain what any other ethnic group’s lifestyle is and what they do, when you really don’t have any authority to interpret it,” said pro-choice legislator Rep. Barbara Watson, who is black. “I think the women and people of color in that chamber deserve an apology from him.” Nevertheless, FL’s House eventually passed the bill. [Huffington Post,]
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