As It Turns Out, “My Slutty Teacher” Is Not An Appropriate Web Site For A Teacher To Build On Her Work Laptop

“Have you ever seen your teacher’s breasts before? Well, now you can see them.”

Such was the tag line for, a porn site started by Heidi Kaeslin — oh dear — a special education teacher and girls’ soccer coach in Stockton, California. Kaeslin lost her job at Lincoln High School after she was found to have set up My Slutty Teacher and other porn sites on her work laptop with the aid of her alleged boyfriend, a resource officer at the school.

Kaeslin’s ex-husband ratted on her to cops, tipping them off that domain names for seedy websites that were registered to her home. An investigation then discovered she’d started the porn sites on a PC laptop provided to her by the school district. Kaeslin tried to appeal her firing, claiming the porn sites were eventually scrapped. Last week, a state commission said no way, affirming her work laptop had had  “pornographic, lewd, vulgar or repugnant” files on it.

I have no problem with teachers having sex lives or even XXX past careers. But a teacher setting up a porn site on her school-issued computer? That’s just stupid.

[New York Daily News]

[Image of a worried woman at a laptop via Shutterstock]

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