5-Year-Old Indian Girl Abducted, Raped

A five-year-old girl in India was abducted and raped last week by a neighbor who held her captive for three days and left her for dead. She suffered serious internal injuries and is now hospitalized in New Dehli critical condition. As of Monday morning, two men have been arrested in connection with the rape.

India has made attempts at dismantling its rape culture, which blames girls and women for their own sexual assaults and fails to punish the perpetrators, in the wake of brutal rapes, gang rapes and murders which have made national headlines. But India’s tougher rape laws are still imperfect. Following the news about the five-year-old girl, the apathy of police is square in the bullseye of blame. According to the UK’s Guardian:

[O]fficers allegedly initially refused to investigate after the girl, from a working class family, disappeared while playing early in the evening outside her home. She was eventually found by neighbours. When the case was picked up by the local media, the parents were offered 2,000 rupees (£25) to drop the case, relatives of the victim have said.

On Saturday and Sunday, hundreds of protesters congregated outside police headquarters (and some stormed the station) demanding the police chief be fired. India’s Home Minister has vowed that the officers on duty will be punished.

[Guardian UK]
[Guardian UK]

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