Pooping In Space: Close Encounters Of The Turd Kind

A  500-page transcript from the 1969 Apollo 10 round-the-moon mission was recently released. Around page 400, the declassified log revealed that on day six, the mission’s three astronauts Tom Stafford, Gene Cernan and John Young were plagued by mysterious, floating poops. Here’s an excerpt of their close encounter of the turd kind below:

Stafford: Give me a napkin, quick. There’s a turd floating through the air.

Young: I didn’t do it. It ain’t one of mine.

Cernan: I don’t think it’s one of mine.

Stafford: Mine was a little more sticky than that. Throw that away.

Cernan: Houston we have a problem. Here’s another goddam turd. What’s the matter with you guys?

Either it was John Young, because he didn’t protest enough, or it was alien poop.[NBC News]

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