Meet Rebecca Martinson, The Rabid Sorority Sister From Delta Gamma

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Yesterday, we shared with you an amazing email from one of the University of Maryland’s Delta Gamma sisters to her fellow sorority members. The letter upbraided the girls for basically being “weird,” “awkward” “faggots” who were unable to properly socialize (re: bang) the sorority’s brother frat, Sigma Nu.

You can read the full histrionic letter here.

But in the meantime! The Internet did what the Internet does best (besides cat videos), which is discover the identity of the letter writer. She’s none other than Rebecca Martinson, whose now-infamous Twitter account has been deleted. It seems she’s fond of writing gems like…

And this:

And this:

And oh yes, this:

No one is immune from her “comedy.”

No word yet on what the University of Maryland Delta Gamma chapter is planning to do with ol’ Becks. We’ll keep you updated. [Scallywag & Vagabond]

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