In The Midst Of This Crappy Week, Ryan Lochte Is Still Reliably Idiotic

Ryan Lochte is gearing up for his new TV show on E!,”What Would Ryan Lochte Do?” (which should really just be called “Swim Bros”). The show is manufactured by Wee Media Giant Ryan Seacrest, who’s made a living exploiting the fameball desires of idiots (see also: Kardashians). Lochte’s been doing lots of media interviews to promote the new series. Except you know who should, like, never talk to the media? Ryan Lochte. He reminds me of that “Bullets Over Broadway” scene with Diane Wiest and John Cusack. “Don’t speak!” says Wiest’s character Helen Sinclair to Cusack’s David Shayne as she covers his mouth with her hand.

Here, Lochte endures an interview with “Good Day Philadelphia” hosts Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones, who cannot contain their laughter at Lochte’s ridiculous answers. Please enjoy Ryan Lochte explaining how bathrooms are arranged. Bless you, Ryan Lochte, for giving us all a much-needed laugh today. [Raw Story]