People Love Sex, Especially If They Think They’re Having More Than Everyone Else

People will find a way to be competitive about anything, because we’re all insecure jerks. That includes our sex lives. According to researchers at the University of Colorado, who are lucky enough to be paid to think about such things, having sex brings makes you feel awesome.  No duh, right? Professor Tim Wadsworth, who headed up the study and authored the paper “Sex and the Pursuit of Happiness: How Other People’s Sex Lives are Related to Our Sense of Well-Being,” noted that “there’s an overall increase in sense of well-being that comes with engaging in sex more frequently.” But, get this: When people perceive — via media, friends and whatnot — that they’re having more sex than other people, that makes them feel even happier.

“There is plenty of evidence that information concerning typical sexual behavior is learned through discussions within peer groups and friendship networks,” said Wadsworth. And when people believe that they’re having less sex than the people around them, their happiness falls by 14 percent (and they take to weird sex experiments). In Wadsworth’s estimation, “we can only be wealthy if others are poor, or sexually active if others are inactive.” So what’s the take away? People are stupidly competitive and unfortunately base their happiness on what other people are doing. Also, sex duels are probably a lot more common than we thought. [Telegraph]

[Couple photo courtesy of Shutterstock]